Viral Video Marketing

Viral video marketing has become a cutting-edge challenge in today’s fast paced, byte-sized consumer attention span. In the modern online playground, it takes the measures of professionals to compel the masses. USO Networks is an expert SEO company that knows how to make viral video marketing work.

Creativity, key experience and knowledge of social media are all requirements in viral video marketing. With ingenuity, integrity and adherence to brand value, USO Networks will conceive the strategy that is best for your company, based on your product, personality and purpose. Utilizing a number of techniques including mass distribution, strategic linking, link baiting and social media promotion, we will prepare, implement and document your viral campaign. With the millions tuning in to online video weekly, your exposure in top video search engines will reach consumers by the thousands and generate online buzz. Viral video marketing creates a boost in brand awareness and is an excellent tool in unleashing new products, services, or advertising campaigns.

Benefits of Viral Video Marketing:

  • Gain fast-paced, mass market exposure
  • Heighten brand awareness
  • Capture the consumer mind
  • Utilize world-wide reach

When it comes to viral video marketing, USO Networks has worked with high profile clients to coordinate viral marketing campaigns for new product launches, demographically targeted content, and social media marketing initiatives. Viral video marketing can be used as a standalone campaign, or as a component of a widespread marketing effort.

Viral video is useful for a variety of goals:

  • New product launches
  • Component of new advertising campaigns
  • Social media marketing tie-ins
  • Reputation management
  • Event tie-ins
  • Targeting new demographics
  • Maintaining customer loyalty

The best content for viral video marketing defies the blatant advertising methods of television commercials to burn the brand into the brains of the consumers; viral videos are thought-provoking, laugh-inducing, or jaw-dropping, and sometimes all of the above. When you choose USO Networks as your viral video marketing company, we’ll consult with you to determine your target audience and goals, and devise the proper strategy for deploying your content for maximum results. Get an added benefit by using our in-house video production team to create your viral video. You’ll also get detailed reporting and see your video’s views go sky high, gaining your company the exposure to achieve your goals. To learn more about the possibility viral video marketing holds for your company, call (888)732-3050 today.

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