How Social Media Can Monetize Monthly Unique Visitors

March 24th, 2010 | Written by: josh

How exactly do I monetize my monthly unique visitors?

This is the question any webmaster or online business owner should be asking themselves. Depending upon the type of website you own, the challenge associated with making profits from website visits can vary.

For instance, according to this chart of the day, online social media struggles when it comes to monetizing monthly unique visitors, despite the wild popularity that some of these sites enjoy. Believe it or not, social network juggernauts like Facebook and Twitter make comparatively small change from unique website visits, though there are things that can be done to change this.

How Social Networks Can Profit From Users

In addition to tried and true advertising, social media outlets should look to their own large user base as a resource to monetize website visits. As there are so many monthly unique visitors to these sites and such high levels of popularity can be attained, those users who achieve overnight, homespun celebrity stardom should be sponsored by social media sites for advertising. As these stars are born from the community, leveraging them would be a particularly effective way to make their advertising resonate with the audience.

Also, virtual currency has proven to be one way companies can make money from website visits in the social media sphere. Certain Facebook apps have caught on like wildfire, and many of these games incorporate virtual currency that must be obtained in order to purchase the many tools and resources required to succeed. While one can choose to go about earning digital cash in-game, this typically requires a lot of time and effort and involves doing overly mundane tasks, and so many choose to forego this in favor of a much quicker route to use real world money to purchase virtual currency. Any social media network would do well to incorporate this into their own strategy for monetizing website visits.

How the Little Guy Can Profit

If the big players in the social media industry are having a hard time profiting directly from visitors, one can imagine that those at a much smaller level, particularly online forum owners, have struggled to monetize their monthly unique visitors. While these sites can garner a sizable and healthy communal following over time, to make money from website visits in this situation can be a challenge. The first step to take is to display advertisements on your site. One may consider pay per click services to score conversions among monthly unique visitors; however, advertisements only work successfully when they’re placed properly. Position your ads in spots where forum regulars are more likely to notice them. It may be tempting to place them prominently at the top of your site, but forum regulars are likely to skip over this area. Additionally, hiring a professional pay per click management service that can optimize your site to yield maximum returns can clearly pay off substantially for any online entity.

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