SEM Call Tracker to Complement Video Search Engine Marketing Optimization Services

June 16th, 2009 | Written by: lauren

USO Networks announces new call tracking software to complement robust video search engine marketing optimization services

Press Release

USO Networks Inc officially released its newest product, called SEM Call Tracker.  The service provides clients with a call tracking, reporting and optimization system for inbound customer calls for an online advertiser’s highest volume campaigns, adgroups and keywords, in terms of both cost and number of calls.  The system uses this information to optimize SEM spending for the advertiser.

Jason Boshoff, COO of USO Networks said, “Many of our clients derive more business from inbound calls than they do from people taking actions online.  We found that prior to utilizing our services, while they could measure the cost of their internet marketing campaigns at a granular level, they were having trouble tracking which components of their search marketing campaigns were generating calls and eventually customers.  With our full-service offering, we can set-up, track, report on, and optimize a client’s pay-per-click marketing with essentially no effort on their part. The data on calls and customers feeds directly into our existing pay-per-click bid optimization solutions.”

USO Networks client Ocean Hills Recovery had this to say about the product and the company:

“USO Networks has saved my company, their services have made my phone ring and business came pouring in.  I would highly recommend them to anyone.”

Initial clients using the solution have seen a decrease in their cost per qualified inbound call of between 22 and 55 percent within 60 days after moving their SEM management and phone call tracking system to USO Networks.

USO Networks is run by CEO John Ferber, the founder of, and a team of  experienced internet marketing experts with a proven history of creating industry-leading solutions. USO Networks started with an innovative VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) Platform with a complete video production facility, and has quickly grown to offer a large suite of online and search marketing products.

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  • Customer information system, and optimization of incoming calls to online advertising campaigns highest volume ad groups and keywords, in terms of both cost and number of calls. The system uses this information to improve the SEM spending for the advertiser.

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