Online Video Marketing: Effective Targeted Internet Advertising

April 22nd, 2009 | Written by: lauren

Internet Video: The Way to Truly “Target” Your Consumers

It may strike you when enjoying a vintage episode of MASH, or during the latest Lifetime movie- Who are these people advertising for?

Advertising in television was once revolutionary, a chance for national brands and local businesses alike to achieve brand recognition across a wide audience. With the advent of the internet, this was bound to change…

Although traditional advertising has evolved since, there is a new, more targeted internet advertising approach to getting your name out there. Online video marketing puts a business in front of the eyes, ears and pockets of their market’s consumers. Because of the power of search engines, and their status as a world-wide web browsing tool, it’s easy to guess where consumers begin.

Free keyword search makes the internet interactive, a playground of information where the user can find boundless media on the topic of their choice. This provides the ultimate platform for targeted ads.

Cable providers do offer “targeted” advertising by letting businesses select the stations on which their ads air- in this case, a beauty shop could choose to air on stations with a highly female audience. (These ads may reach a great deal of women, some of which may need beauty services. However, it has to be taken into account that these women are not necessarily looking for beauty services, paying attention, or perhaps they are satisfied with their current beautician.)

What about those ladies searching for a salon online? The beauty of internet video advertising is that consumers are actively seeking services, and video advertisements can be placed right before their eyes. On the internet, people are engaged, choosing the content they view or pass over. Sidebars, banner ads and pop-ups may catch a few, but are often discarded, looked over, and generally ignored. With an average of 100 million videos streamed per day solely on YouTube, there is huge marketing potential to reach online consumers. (And with the new tool YouTube Insight, you can view and analyze the demographics and viewing habits of your channel’s audience, allowing you to further tailor to your market!)

The bottom line is simple: In the great globe of advertising, it’s important to find your audience. Creating stellar, appealing ads won’t hook consumers who aren’t interested in your market. With online video search, your audience can find you.

Read more about the economic debate over Online Video ads vs. TV ads and tell us how you share videos!

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