Effective Video Boosts Rich Media Advertising

June 24th, 2009 | Written by: lauren

If we have not yet owned up to the magical power of online video, leave it to DoubleClick and Google to “Prove it…” A benchmark study on rich media advertising by DoubleClick is scheduled to be released by Google today. The study utilizes data from Dynamic Logic, which includes thousands of campaigns worth of market data, to analyze which types of creative ads are more likely to make us open up our wallets.

And are you surprised? Rich media advertising with effective video outperformed the three other formats: GIF/JPG, Simple Flash and Rich Media without video. The study, called “The Brand Value of Rich Media and Video Ads,” was commissioned by Google to discover how and how well creative ads produce desirable results. The data from Dynamic Logic is collected through consumer surveys, and campaigns had to meet two criteria: 1. Ads must be in GIF/JPG, simple Flash, rich media with video or rich media without video; 2. The survey used must adhere to standard MarketNorms branding questions.

Compared with a control group that did not see an ad, viewers of rich media advertising with video saw an increase of purchase intent by 1.16%. This may not seem monumental, until you take into account that a simple Flash ad only increases purchase intent by 0.26%.

The study also showed promise from a branding perspective. An effective video ad resulted in an increase in favoring a brand by 2.3%. Simple Flash, again, contrasted by showing a 0.15% increase in brand favor.

Rich Media/Video ads

Based on this study, it makes sense for advertisers to spend a little more on rich media advertising by including effective video and increasing the value of their brand, before downgrading to less interactive media ads. Begin with the best! Logically, this would be most valuable for branding, leaving subsequent creative ads to support your original video.

There are countless ways to use video as part of your internet marketing strategy. Learn more about rich media advertising, effective video marketing and check out some great creative ads!

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