How To Bring Link-bait To Viral Fruition

August 14th, 2009 | Written by: april

A great website alone is not enough. Visitors and traffic to your great website is not enough. Moreover, a strong SEO program to attract more visitors to your great website is, still, not enough.

Visitors demand value– and value exceeds the mere provision of a good website, product, service or occasional coupon. Keep in mind, the internet is saturated with competitors offering similar products and services just like you.

To furnish value entails the provision of link-bait content. Moreover, good link-bait also considers consumer engagement and social participation. “Link-bait”–more specifically, is content that captures interest and encourages your visitors to link to (or share) your page with others as they glean value from it.

However, link-bait in and of itself, I’m sorry to say, is still not enough. Linkable content drives success only when it is leveraged through mediums like social network sites. As with anything, linkable content needs promotion. So how do the pros create and encourage link worthy content to spread?

The process for achieving link-bait velocity is a two part procedure:

Link-bait Ideation

A “good idea” won’t satisfy viral expectations alone. Link-bait must be right on target. Spreading linkable content starts with the creation process and considers thorough market research as an integral role in identifying the kind of content that will largely appeal to your market. Keep in mind that personalization is key; the more you can hone in on the exact interests and values of your specific market, the more likely your link building efforts will come to viral fruition. What interests your consumers? What are their preferences? What do they care about the most?

For example, link-bait can include insider industry information, white papers, how  to videos, interviews, or something entertaining like ridiculous commentary or funny pictures. Whatever you choose, make sure it fits within  the tastes and preferences of your target market– and more importantly, speaks in a language they can relate to and understand.

Seeding Link-bait into the right hands

Generating exposure through viral link-bait is a matter of dangling the carrot in front of the right animal: the social media insiders, the super advocates, those jerks with 100,000 + “friends”. If you try to scale success solely on incoming site traffic, or worse– your piddly network of colleagues and professional associates– you’re bound for damnation. Consider where your target consumers have the strongest presence and the loudest voice.

Your best resources are scattered across industry forums and social networking sites. In my opinion, I think Twitter is one of the best places to learn the latest trends, what people are buzzing about, and where they occupy most of their time.

Too often, business’ underestimate the capacity that link-bait has in generating exposure. And moreover, those fortunate to realize the benefits of link-bait, fall short in understanding how to generate link-bait velocity. Viral link-bait starts with calculated ideation and concludes with a social-centric strategy that harnesses the power of people to promote your content.

I’d love to hear some of your link-bait ideas and strategies. Feel free to share them here or drop me a shout-out on Twitter @AprJasmine

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  • Yes I agree, visitors is still the enough to improve a website besides a website should also get backlinks to increase its ranking in search engine and of course website owner should consider link baiting.

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